Focus on Design ¡AXOLOTL! at Burning Man 2016

¡AXOLOTL! at Burning Man 2016

Friday, 29th July 2016

Burning Man is a festival held in Black Rock City, Nevada, in the Black Rock desert. An annual event that mobilises creative artists, musicians, designers way ahead of time, in order to build the various “creatures” on show and in use during the festival. “One of the remarkable aspects of a Burning Man project is that we aren't doing it for money or acclaim, but instead we are motivated by the creative process – making! We are making a creature (art) and building a community through shared experiences, common struggle, and long hours. When we come together, finally, on the Playa (ed. note - the location on the salt lake where the festival is held) and we animate our Axolotl, we will be ready to ...

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