Natural Systems Domination installation urges office workers to venture outdoors

by Samantha on Monday, 22nd August 2011 in Design

Tres Birds Workshop was selected to create a large-scale art installation for KEEN’s Recess Revolution Tour, an initiative to encourage working adults to venture outside for fresh air and daily activities in the face of the digital revolution and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle for many Americans.
Located in the business district of downtown Denver, Colorado, the studio designed five distinct areas - an executive office, conference room, break room, cubicle and filing cabinet – all draped in sedum and vegetation stitched together by hand for an overgrown look.
This project encourages healthy, sustainable lifestyles while limiting its own environmental impact through careful recycling and reuse of all components.
In fact, this nature-inspired office makeover was completed using 100% live vegetation, all of which was reused by area families and businesses at the close of the exhibit.
All other items – including office knick knacks, coffee cups, a set of golf clubs and even an old printer – came from second-hand shops to which they were re-donated when the installation was dismantled.