Environment Furniture

by Brittan on Thursday, 6th May 2010 in Design

Livegreenblog had the opportunity to experience Environment Furniture’s beautiful, unique pieces at its Fuori Salone display in Zona Tortona this past April. Its very name expresses its deep commitment to environmental sustainability, which extends from its choice of materials to the emissions it generates in production and at its retail locations. Wood Environment forges its furniture from reclaimed, recycled and sustainably harvested wood, namely  Brazilian Peroba Rosa, which is reclaimed from abandoned homes, barns and other buildings in Brazil. Most of this wood is nearly 100 years old and uniquely weathered, making each piece of furniture it is used for one of a kind. In addition to Peroba, Environment employs responsibly-harvested Indonesian mahogany as well as certain Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI)-certified North American hardwoods. environments_bina_1 Fabrics Environment’s dedication to sustainability has led them to combine unexpected recycled fabrics with reclaimed and sustainably harvested wood: vintage military canvas and vintage denim. For over a century, from the Civil War, through World Wars I and II, through Vietnam and Korea, this cotton fabric had been used to form two-man pup tents, doubling as ponchos for the travelling soldiers. Eventually retired, they are now sold as reissues by the U.S. government. Softened by time and use, power-washed and dyed with organic inks, these fabrics are transformed from used, olive green military equipment into beautiful, durable upholstery in eloquent shades of indigo, eggplant, smoke gray, Havana brown and dark green. Safia_Sofa When it comes to vintage denim, recycled Levi® brand denim was chosen for its quality and durability. It becomes a part of patchwork-like designs, upholstering over-stuffed couches and low-slung chairs. Each section is carefully selected based on color, abrasions and weave pattern.