Sustainable Architecture

FPM GAP Academy, a model of clean energy for Haiti

by Davide on Friday, 26th August 2011 in Sustainable Architecture

|K Studio has designed a masterplan for an entirely energy-autonomous academy in Lafiteau, Haiti, outside Port-au-Prince. The interdisciplinary studio hopes to create a model of offset power production that can be replicated elsewhere.
FPM GAP Academy, a model of clean energy for Haiti
Set on a 50-hectare stretch of rural land with a 90-meter elevation change rising from the bay, the campus has a network of exclusively clean and renewable energy, including solar and wind harvesting, water retention, biofuel orchards and ponds.
Each energy source is placed at the appropriate orientation and elevation for maximum efficiency. Ascending plateaus divide the campus into academics, farms, low-cost student and faculty housing, public markets and clinics. This stimulating, self-sufficient, sustainable environment will provide training in renewable energy for students who can then apply their knowledge in the years to come.